If you want to make sure you’re getting safe, effective supplements, then nutraceutical research is vital to choosing the right supplements for you. There is a wide range of supplements on the market and, due to restrictions on claims related to specific formulations, not a lot of information from reputable sources about specific products. This often leaves consumers reliant on word of mouth or, worse, wildly speculative internet reviews and ratings. Relying on unverified claims is not always what’s best for your health and wellness. Take your health into your own hands and explore the leading studies on the efficacy of the key ingredients used in our products.

Getting Down to the Science

When Dr. Erick Grana saw that his patients were having trouble finding reliable supplements that worked, he decided to design his own scientifically-backed supplements. This approach started with considering the latest nutraceutical research into the mechanisms that caused joint inflammation and peripheral neuropathy along with the natural processes our body uses to fight them. By addressing the dietary insufficiencies that can be brought about by poor lifestyle choices, a compromised digestive system, or suspect metabolism, he was able to create Regena Nerve and Regena Joint, two all-natural formulas with clinically-proven ingredients that target specific issues.

Read the Research for Yourself

This nutraceutical research was conducted by independent scientists from a wide selection of universities, foundations, and disciplines. It demonstrates why so many patients have come to trust Regena Joint and Regena Nerve. Don’t forget to follow our News page as well, so you can stay up to date with articles and stories related to nutritional support and chronic pain relief. More questions? Visit our comprehensive FAQ page or reach out to a member of our team for support.