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Physician-Approved Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

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Natural remedies for chronic pain can help you take back control of his life. Supplements including natural ingredients can help you better manage your condition without relying solely on harsh or potentially addictive chemicals. They do this by giving your body the support it needs to better manage chronic symptoms via the human body’s own natural management systems. For many patients, this makes natural options the perfect addition to an already established care regimen.

The Causes Of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have a lot of root causes that can be aided by natural remedies for chronic pain. This is because, despite the many root causes, chronic pain symptoms usually stem from either inflammation or neuropathy. By addressing these primary mechanisms that present as chronic pain, you can ease discomfort and better support your body’s ability to fight off the long-term effects of inflammation and neuropathy.

Inflammation is part of your body’s natural response injuries and illnesses. Your immune system is a vital part of the healing and repair process, but this can result in swelling, localized fever, and pain. Unfortunately, some disorders, like some forms of arthritis, are caused by your immune system attacking healthy tissues, leading to the same swelling and pain. Some supplements for pain are meant to target these systems.

Neuropathy occurs when nerves are damaged, leading to everything from a tingling pins-and-needles sensation to loss of feeling or constant pain. In many cases, this can be attributed to a loss of circulation. It can progress as nerves starve and are further damaged, making it important to address neuropathy symptoms as soon as possible.

A bottle each of Regena Joint, Regena Nerver, and Protect Plus SOWhy Natural Is Better

Natural remedies for chronic pain work to address deficiencies that may be contributing to symptoms. Supplements can also help provide natural compounds not often found in a standard diet in sufficient quantities to provide natural relief. These options can often be gentler on your system, potentially reducing the risk of side effects while helping to mitigate pain. To give his patients effective natural supplements they can trust, Dr. Erik Grana developed two products to serve as natural remedies for chronic pain related to these two conditions.

Regena Nerve – Nitric oxide is known to boost peripheral circulation. It opens up blood vessels, allowing them to carry more oxygenated blood freely. For bodybuilders, this helps them develop larger, healthy muscles. For patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy, this means restored or increased blood flow that nerves desperately need.

Formulated with natural remedies for chronic pain, Regena Nerve contains ingredients that have been clinically proven to increase nitric oxide production. This can lead to better peripheral circulation, which can ease the discomfort of neuropathy and even encourage nerves to heal. It does this by providing the nutrients your body is lacking for sufficient nitric oxide production.

Regena Joint – Inflammation can also be addressed by choosing the right supplements for pain. The ingredients included in the formula for Regena Joint are known to help reduce swelling or ease discomfort in research settings. By including these vitamins and minerals, you may get better nutritional support for reduced inflammation.

Modern diets aren’t always the best. For most people, this just means they don’t feel as good as they could. For those with inflammation, this can increase swelling and pain. By making sure these deficiencies are addressed, your body has the natural building blocks it needs to help itself feel better.

In addition, a good multivitamin can help shore up other nutritional deficits that may be contributing to discomfort, making it one of the best natural remedies for chronic pain well. While not developed by Dr. Grana, this multivitamin can be beneficial for your overall health.

Protect Plus SO – Formulated from premium ingredients and designed to be rapidly bioavailable, Protect Plus SO gives you a complete multivitamin for natural support of wellness throughout your body. It’s a premium metabolic support supplement that is meant for better long-term health. By giving you better nutrition, a multivitamin helps your body perform to its full potential.

Feel Better Naturally

We’re proud to offer the supplements for pain that help boost your body’s natural healing and pain-fighting abilities. Order natural remedies for chronic pain online from Regena Nutraceuticals today.