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Diabetes and Nerve Pain Issues

Diabetes and nerve pain are commonly found together. This is because diabetes negatively affects peripheral circulation, leading to neuropathy. With the right nutritional support, you can get natural neuropathy relief to help you take back control of your life. Start understanding why diabetes can lead to peripheral neuropathy, how to prevent it from getting worse, and how to start the healing process so you can feel better.

A blood glucose meter used by diabetic patients to monitor blood sugar levelsDiabetes And Your Nerves

The reason diabetes and nerve pain are so closely intertwined is because high blood sugar causes nerve damage directly and weakens the walls of your blood vessels. This creates two separate issues, each of which can lead to nerve damage.

  • Direct Nerve Damage – Consistently high blood sugar causes nerves to become inflamed. When this happens, the immune system can see these nerves as a foreign body and attack them.
  • Decreased Circulation – As the blood vessels weaken due to higher blood sugar, your peripheral circulation suffers, reducing the nutrients your tissues need to survive. This can lead to a pins-and-needles sensation or sporadic numbness that progresses to loss of feeling and outright pain.

In order to find the diabetic neuropathy relief you need, you need to address both of these mechanisms. A quality nutritional support helps give your body the proper building blocks it needs for better symptomatic management.

Doctor-Formulated Support

Three bottles of Regena Nerve next to each other

Dr. Erick Grana developed Regena Nerve to help patients dealing with diabetes and nerve pain better manage their symptoms. Made with ingredients that have been clinically proven to increase the production of nitric oxide, Regena Nerve may help restore better circulation to fight neuropathy.

Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, opening them wide to carry more healthy, oxygenated blood. This can improve circulation to peripheral nerve areas, halting the progression of neuropathy and giving resource-starved nerves the nutrients they need to start healing. Improved circulation can also help reduce inflammation, reducing the immune response which can further damage compromised nerves.

As this circulation continues over the long term, your peripheral nervous system can regain its health for improved effectiveness. That means you can experience less discomfort, returned sensation in areas that are numbed, and fewer instances of neuropathic pain. When combined with careful blood sugar monitoring and therapy from your medical practitioner, you can take your life back from diabetes and nerve pain.

Feel Better The Natural Way

By addressing your body’s nutritional deficiencies, you enable natural healing processes to do their job. It’s a gentler alternative to diabetic neuropathy relief than harsh or potentially addictive pharmaceuticals. Order your nutritional supplements for better management of your nerve pain online from Regena Nutraceuticals today.