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Diet & Inflammation: What These Two Buzzwords Mean For Your Joint Pain

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If you’re looking for joint inflammation remedies that don’t involve a trip to the doctor, consider a trip to the grocery store instead. Many people don’t understand how important our diet is to our overall health. What you eat, however, can determine a lot more than just your cholesterol or weight; it can have a dramatic impact on your joint health. By choosing a diet that’s rich in foods that reduce inflammation in joints, you can eat your way to less discomfort.

Diet Isn’t A Bad Word

The old saying of, “You Are What You Eat,” still carries a lot of wisdom today. The foods you choose supply your body with the building blocks it uses to build muscle, fight off illness, or just operate normally. Many people turn to pharmaceutical joint inflammation remedies without understanding that their symptoms are, in part, due to the diet they maintain. Addressing your dietary insufficiencies not only saves you money, but it’s also better for your whole body’s health and wellness.

When we talk about adopting a diet to fight inflammation, it doesn’t necessarily include starving yourself or counting calories. While your weight can contribute to joint issues, what we’re really talking about is choosing to eat foods that reduce inflammation in joints while avoiding foods that have been shown to make inflammation worse. Maintaining a proper diet can be one of the best–and tastiest– remedies for inflammation-related pain.

foods that reduce inflammation in joints

Better Joint Nutrition

If you’re using food as a joint inflammation remedy, start off by making sure you’re getting good fats. Trans fats and saturated fats can not only pack on the pounds, but they can also lead directly to joint inflammation. This means avoiding overly processed meats, hydrogenated oils, and whole milk dairy products.

While some research has suggested a vegetarian diet can pay dividends when trying to avoid inflammation, if you can’t bring yourself to lay off meat entirely, opt for lean white meats, like chicken or turkey. Choose cooking oils that are high in monounsaturated fats, like algae, hemp, avocado, olive, or grapeseed oils.

Omega fatty acids, especially Omega-3 fatty acids, help fight inflammation in the joints. Luckily, there are plenty of sources available for these essential nutrients. Cold-water fish, such as tuna, are perfect, as well as some tree nuts, like walnuts or almonds. Eat Omega-6 fatty acids in moderation. While generally one of the better remedies for joint inflammation, eating a lot of fried foods can lead to an imbalance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, actually increasing inflammation.

Fiber is your friend. Foods like nuts, legumes, and whole grains are a great choice for both heart and joint health. Beans and lentils are high in protein, fiber, and inflammation-fighting antioxidants, making them one of the best foods you can eat that reduce joint inflammation. Avoid overly processed grains, like white flours and rice. Brown rice is more nutritious and delivers the fiber you need along with those added vitamins and minerals. Some people have found success by avoiding gluten when exploring remedies for joint inflammation. However, the science is still out on whether it’s the lack of gluten or lack of processed grains that makes a difference.

When picking fruits and vegetables, go for a variety of colors and textures. Vitamin-K, often found in leafy greens, is an important addition to your diet. Broccoli, cabbage, and any vegetables in the onion or garlic family can help. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, making them the perfect choice for a sweet treat.

What Foods To Avoid

In short, avoid any food that’s overly processed, greasy, or very sweet. These can be high in the kind of fats you want to avoid, and they often provide fewer nutrients for your body to work with. Instead, their calories come from saturated fats and sugars. Sugars can be a major culprit in inflammation, as they cause the release of cytokines which can cause a rapid increase in inflammation in the joints.

Taking Back Your Life

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