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Plant Based Diet and Peripheral Neuropathy

Plant Based Diet and Peripheral Neuropathy

What can you do to help with your symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

Can changing what you eat help?

It’s been known for a while that low-fat plant based diets help in controlling blood sugar and diabetes, the main cause for peripheral neuropathy. But, do they help with the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy? The answer appears to be…yes!

Earlier clinical studies have suggested that a program of diet and exercise can help reduce painful symptoms.

Other studies have looked at the effects of  low-fat, plant based diets, on the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. They have found benefits in pain with such diets. On this study 81% of participants reported complete resolution of neuropathic pain in just 25 days of such a diet combined with exercises. The remaining participants of the study reported partial symptomatic relief.

In another controlled study, researchers measured the effect of a plant based diet, supplemented with Vitamin B-12 for 20 weeks.  They also found significant improvements in neuropathic pain.

Medical research show us time and time again that our diets,  what we eat (or don’t eat), can help us or hurt us. The bottom line is that, if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a diet that reduces animal fat and is plant based can make a significant difference in your symptoms, specially when combined with Vitamin B-12 supplementation and exercise.

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So, for any type of nerve damage, or peripheral neuropathy, try a low-fat, plant based diet.

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