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Can your arthritis be from gluten or from use of glyphosate?

arthritis and gluten

Have you noticed that Gluten intolerance seems to be almost like an epidemic lately?

Celiac disease, the most severe form of gluten sensitivity, is an attack by your immune system on the small intestine and this is triggered by gluten, a protein present in wheat. Gluten intolerance, or sensitivity is a milder form of this disease, and its incidence seems to be increasing rapidly. Gluten sensitivity can lead to joint pain and arthritis, among other symptoms. Joint pain could be one of the first symptoms of a gluten sensitivity issue.

But, is it really gluten what is causing all these problems? Or is it something else that is added to the plants?

This interesting article suggests that the symptoms of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are caused by glyphosate, the main ingredient in the product Roundup.

Glyphosate, which use in industrial agriculture has soared in the last 20 years, is supposed to be harmless to humans. But, have you noticed how quickly plants die after you spray them with Roundup? Is this stuff going into your bodies really safe?

As this article explains, no, it’s not really safe. Glyphosate does kill the good bacteria in our guts. This good gut bacteria is essential for maintaining the health of our immune system. It is also essential for absorption of necessary nutrients. The resulting nutritional deficiencies and dysfunction of the immune system produce the symptoms of gluten sensitivity.  With the increased use of glyphosate in wheat harvesting, we are seeing as well an explosion of symptoms related to gluten sensitivity.

What is more, this other article shows a link between exposure of glyphosate and an increased incidence of rheumatoid arthritis.

Unfortunately, glyphosate is not only used in wheat harvests. It is now widely used in many other crops, including soy, corn, and sugar cane. It is also found in large quantities in the grain feed used for livestock.

Bottom line: if you have joint pain, and you think gluten sensitivity could be contributing to it, be aware of this connection between glyphosate and arthritis, try a diet that is, at least, gluten-free, try some good pro-biotics, use natural anti-inflammatory remedies, and remember to treat any resulting nutritional deficiencies.

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