More Than Just Joint & Nerve Support Supplements | Our Vision & Philosophy

Regena Nutraceuticals entered the health industry with a vision to help people on their journey toward a healthy lifestyle. We believe everyone has the potential to achieve a healthy change. We recognize that it’s not always an easy journey since it requires effort and persistence. We are committed to developing the best natural nutritional joint and nerve support supplements to help you on your journey and give you the advantage you need in your pursuit of healthy living. Together, we can achieve better health. That goal is within your reach.

When you buy products from us, you can be assured:

  • All of the ingredients used have been shown to be effective in clinical studies.
  • All of the ingredients have been tested for purity and quality.
  • All of the ingredients come from natural sources and are free of contaminants and pesticides.
  • There are no harmful additives.
  • All products are Non-GMO, gluten free, and dairy free.
  • All products made in the USA.
  • Our manufacturing facilities are FDA-registered, GMP certified, and exceed all US government standards.
  • All our products are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Made In The USA

To ensure the highest quality control standards, all Regena products are manufactured in the USA.

Registered by FDA

Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered and it meets and exceeds all U.S. government standards.

Thoroughly Tested

Every ingredient we use in is thoroughly tested to ensure purity and quality.

Get Neuropathy Relief Today!

Why continue to live with numbness, tingling sensations, burning, and pain? There is now a clinically proven physician-created formula with cutting-edge nutraceuticals designed to address neuropathy symptoms at their source.

With our unique nerve support supplement formula, patients routinely see success in alleviating, reducing, and even eliminating the pain, numbness, and discomfort associated with neuropathy.

You owe it to yourself to try Regena Nerve for the simple reason that is the most comprehensive nerve support supplement formula ever assembled. Isn’t it time to get your life back?

Introducing Regena Joint

Our revolutionary joint support supplement  is the first product on the market that both delivers the key nutrients arthritis sufferers need for protection against inflammation and provides the building blocks your body needs for the regeneration of cartilage.

In the past, supplying your body with all these nutrients necessitated the headaches, hassles, and high costs of taking multiple different nutritional supplements at once. Now — finally! — they are all included in one revolutionary product. Regena Joint offers you a more convenient and economic way of getting all the nutrients you need for good joint health.

You could continue living with joint pain, stiffness, and weakness of your limbs — or you could take action right now. Get the product with the most complete list of ingredients for joint health. Get back your life with our superior  joint support supplement.

Our Doctor

Erick Grana MD, who formulated several products for us, is a renowned board certified physician with over 20 years experience in Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine. He is an advocate of treating patients with natural products for a variety of medical conditions.

Dr. Grana shares with us his expertise in using nutritional supplements to help support and magnify the natural healing powers of the human body.